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Enterprise level Computer Networking and System Admin Essentials

This Workshop will provide all Essential knowledge about Enterprise Networking, Cloud Computing and System Administration Skills. By end of this workshop, Students will have all necessary knowledge and skills to pursue career in Tech Support roles in SME ( Small & Medium Level Enterprise) Organizations

Session 1 – Essentials of Enterprise Networks: ( 6 Hours Each )

  • Understanding IT Infrastructure Management Serviceso Production, Development and Testing Environments
  • Classroom Networks Vs Enterprise level Networks
  • TCP/IP Networking and Networking Components
  • Configuring Networking in Windows

Session 2 – Essentials of System Administration ( 6 Hours Each )

  • Enterprise Level Operating Systems
  • Linux Operating Systems Architecture and Functionso System Administrator Responsibilities
  • Windows System admin tasks
  • Hands On Exercises

Session 3 – Essentials of Cloud Administration ( 6 Hours Each )

  • Understanding Cloud Computing
  • Public Cloud vs Private Cloud
  • Public IPs vs Private IPs
  • Login and Setup Account for AWS Cloudo Launching AWS/Windows instances

Session 4 – Essentials of AWS Cloud environment ( 6 Hours Each )

  • Server Management in AWS
  • Network Management in AWS
  • Security Management in AWS
  • Storage Management in AWS
  • Working with AWS Linux Instanceso Hands-on Exercises