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Our Service Approach

The last Three Years has been a tremendous learning experience for iGURKUL in offering a wide range of Business Services and Solutions to customers, including several Fortune 500 companies. The cumulative experience that the organization has gained has helped iGURKUL develop a deep understanding of businesses and close relationships with its clients
IGURKUL seeks to leverage the hands-on business and technology experience and expertise to offer training solution services and integration services to clients. iGURKUL ’s Services practice will operate at the highest end of the business value chain and will help in migrating global best practices to its clients.https://vbusk.com/ru/cikavo/6-malovidomykh-faktiv-pro-viahru.html

iGURKUL ’s Value Proposition in IT and Non-IT Professional Trainings
Business and technology have always followed a parallel path of change, but today’s world has combined both, placing business and IT planning strategies on the same road. Today’s IT projects have become mission critical. Given the importance of information and communication in our fast-paced world, organizations can no longer afford to take chances.
iGURKUL’s – IT Training framework brings all cutting edge IT Technology training to both individuals and corporate professionals and creating a rich talent pool of IT technologies to meet the ever-changing market requirements.
Our IT training team spread across the functional areas provides Training, Software Development, Architecting, Integration of application in the Enterprise and Service Provider market space.

Catering to the top 500 Corporate Customers in the 5 of the main market segments and providing the training services to engineering graduates–

  • Banking & financial services segment
  • Manufacturing segment
  • IT and IT-enabled services segment
  • Telecom, Media, and Entertainment
  • Government segment.

Our Mission

To emerge as a dependable partner for IT and Non-IT Training by providing end-to-end solutions, which are flexible, adaptable and enable to achieve the Business goals in a competitive manner

iGURKUL being a leading solution provider has the ability to design and deliver career-oriented training in Cutting edge IT technologies, Civil Services, Banking and State Level Group Services.

In addition, iGURKUL also possesses the ability to customize the proposed educational solution and integrate it with the existing solution to meet any specific needs of the client organization.

iGURKUL brings proven Project Management and delivery expertise, which allows for the delivery of high-quality solutions within time and budget. Finally, due to our partnerships with IT and Educational Organizations, and our track, iGURKUL is uniquely positioned to integrate third party solutions with those provided by iGURKUL (and its partners).

Open for Business and Technical Partners …

We are open to partner with like minded organizations and Individuals , who believe in win-win partnerships ..